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Mother and Baby - Tips

What have I learned so far?
You will read everything you need to know...almost everything and then you learn some things on your own and you think: Why haven't I heard about this? Since it happened to me I would like to share some tips with you.
When I was pregnant I had so many Questions.
For instance, what do you do when it`s just the two of you? How you`ll find the time to take a shower? Who will watch your baby if you cook? ...
I know that you are planning to do everything while she takes a nap or sit on their own in the crib...Well guess what? Some of them don`t do that :)) My baby takes a nap a few times a day and only for a few minutes which means I can`t really have time to cook as I used to, or take a shower, especially if my husband is not at home. Now that I have no choice, I found a few ideas which made my everyday routine easier :)
  • Buy a baby bouncer! You can carry it around the house with you and also keep your baby supervised. 
  • Now that you have the bouncer you can cook, make coffee etc. Just be careful where you place your baby. Keep it far from the stove, if you are cooking you know how dangerous hot oil can be.
  • You can find on youtube: nursery rhymes or any songs to keep her in a good mood, you can even sing along, it doesn't matter if you are bad at it, she will love it. .
  • When I want to have a shower in peace, I take my baby with me in the bathroom. I start singing and keep her entertained and if she starts to cry I play with her peak-a-boo :))
  • From early days I started to set up my iphone whenever I was breastfeeding, from every 2 hours to 4. She was crying for no reason and fooled me that she is hungry, I overfed her and make her puke a lot, then I realized I should keep a track of what I`m doing so she won`t fool me again. 
  • If you are breastfeeding or planning to you will buy an appropriate PJ right? Even though I did so I wasn't satisfied with the regular one. Why? 
My first choice was: 

But I wasn't satisfied because You will use breast pads and as you can see...they will fall off. Since I am not wearing a bra during the night, I found this (its just a similar piece) and I am extremely pleased with it. Your breast pads will stay where they should and looking sexy right? :)


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